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Mon - 27 Sep - 11:05 pm
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An Easter Tale ... con't ...

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When the whole event was over, two backpackers were walking to a little town called Emmaus, I suppose about 20kms up the track from Jerusalem. Well, this fella joined them on the walk. They didn't know him from a bar of soap but they said, "Gidday", and kept walking. Well this fella asked them what the Passover was like that year. Our two hardened foot soldiers thought that this bloke must have had his brain turned off not to have seen what went down in Jerusalem that weekend.

That Jesus dude; we saw him do a heap of supernatural stuff, loonies recovered and blind people seeing. We once saw him brew up some awesome top shelf wine, about 200 litres in five minutes, from fresh water.

He spoke of freedom from oppression and release for those in prison. We really felt that he was going to lead this country to kick out those scummy Roman pigs. But, they killed him, they stuck him on a wooden pole and murdered him. He hadn't done anything wrong. He was awesome. We were ready to die alongside him if he'd asked us to. The world's all stuffed up man. Even his best mates cleared off and dumped him.

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